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  • BREWING NOTES - Production Booklet

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For tea-lovers curious about everything that goes into your teacup before it arrives to your table, this physical 10” x 6” booklet is the perfect addition to your bundle of Tea Houses!

This book is softcover, saddle-stitched, and chock-full of all the bonus content we produced for Tea Houses!

This is a preorder item that is expected to ship in April to May. Preorders will close on January 24th.

Brewing Notes is not the official Tea Houses book, which can be found here! This is our behind-the-scenes booklet, which includes our promotional graphics, works in progress, merchandise artwork, and production notes. We hope you’ll enjoy having an exclusive look at the project’s creation!

All purchases of Brewing Notes also include a digital copy of the booklet.

Brewing Notes
64 pages | 10” x 6” | softcover | saddle-stitched